Angus Main

Researcher and Lecturer specialising in creative and critical uses of technology


My name is Angus, I’m a researcher and lecturer and my work investigates how technology can make humans more creative, and how creativity can make technology more human. 

I am a Tutor (Research) on the Information Experience Design programme at the Royal College of Art. I have previously held roles as Senior Lecturer at Falmouth University, Associate Lecturer at London College of Communication, and Specialist Technician at Central Saint Martins. 

I lead, and collaborate on, international, funded, cross-disciplinary research projects. 

I am currently a PhD candidate at the University of the Arts London, Creative Computing Institute, and funded by Techne NPIF. My PhD research investigates how AI can be used to support creativity for designers

I lead an EPSRC funded research project called Countermeasures, which works with children to co-design creative methods of blocking and subverting digital surveillance. 

I am part of a network of researchers in Japan and the UK, exploring how VR and Immersive Technologies can be used within the entertainment and cultural industries. 

I teach classes on a range of subjects related to critical and creative uses of technology, such as critical approaches to AI, post-digital sensory experience, physical computing, and creative coding.

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