Angus Main

Researcher and Lecturer specialising in creative and critical uses of technology

PhD: Creativity and AI

I am a PhD Candidate at UAL Creative Computing Institute, completing an AHRC Technē National Productivity Infrastructure Fund studentship, with Google AIUX as an industry partner.

My research is titled Design Approaches To Creativity Support with Embedded Artificial Intelligence, and investigates how embedded, personal AI systems could be used to help support the creative process for designers, and others in the creative industries.

The research involves fieldwork and collaboration with designers and creative workers, understanding their needs and their current attitudes towards the use of AI in the creative process. I also work with research teams at Google AIUX, gaining insights into their methodologies and experimenting with cutting edge AI technologies.

As a response to restrictions imposed by the Covid pandemic, I have used the embedded AI technology which is the focus of the research to develop new research tools which allow ethnographic work to be completed at distance, over an extended study timeframe.


Some results from early surveys for this research can be found here:

Guru, Partner, or Pencil Sharpener? Understanding Designers’ Attitudes Towards Intelligent Creativity Support Tools

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