Angus Main

Researcher and Lecturer specialising in creative and critical uses of technology


I lead an Informed Practice unit on the MA Information Experience Design programme at the Royal College of Art called Sensorama.

The intention of this class is to explore the overlapping abilities of the Human Sensorium and the Digital Sensorium. We look at how humans sense the world, and the complex processes of perception and inference that make up Experience. We also explore how digital systems sense other systems, and in particular how AI and Machine Learning observe human behaviour in order to build and apply models of Experience.

The class uses a range of creative methods to observe and respond to particular features of sensory experience. In past sessions we have utilised methods such as Sensory Ethnography, Speculative Design, Creative Coding, Paper Prototyping, and Physical Computing.

More information on the IED programme can be found here:

(Image Robert Fludd)

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